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Volleyball - Sat, Nov. 15, 2014

POINT LOOKOUT, MO. -- The Midlands Collegiate Athletic Conference announced the 2014 All-MCAC Women's Volleyball Teams and Scholar-Athletes Saturday in conjunction with the MCAC Tournament in Point Lookout, Mo.

All-MCAC First Team
Mallory Babic, OH, College of St. Mary
Abby Buehler, MB, Waldorf College
Symone Faulkner, MB, Bellevue University
Nicole Gates, MB, York College
Emily Hollingsworth, OH, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Emily Kirchner, S, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Daniela Pena, OH, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Hilta Pereira, MB, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Jamie Reaves, MB, College of the Ozarks
Alejandre Rivas, RS, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Aspen Sheperd, MB, Haskell Indian Nations University
Brandi Stahl, L, College of the Ozarks
Beth Walker, S, Bellevue University
Jenny Wuerffel, OH, College of the Ozarks

MCAC Player of the Year: Beth Walker, Bellevue University
MCAC Freshman of the Year: Emily Hollingsworth, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
MCAC Newcomer of the Year: Hilta Pereira, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
MCAC Coach of the Year: Tracy Anderberg, Oklahoma Wesleyan University

All-MCAC Second Team
Logan Allen, MB, College of the Ozarks
Melanie Baxa, S, York College
Lindsay Boone, S, College of the Ozarks
Ciara Costello, L, Central Christian College
LaJaida Even, RS, Bellevue University
Lenee Gibson, L, Central Baptist College
MacKenzie Hyde, S, College of St. Mary
Aysha Janssen, L, College of St. Mary
Jessica Kuehner, RS, College of St. Mary
Hope Lambrecht, Bellevue University
Sarah Mertens, OH, York College
Andrea Novakovic, L, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Courtney Palmer, OH, Waldorf College
Mayuko Shono, OH, Central Christian College

Honorable Mention All-MCAC
Lisa Atcitty, Haskell Indian Nations University
Jamie Carlson, College of St. Mary
Hannah Crandall, Central Christian College
Chloe Davis, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Kailey Firm, York College
Taylor Holz, Bellevue University
Sarah Kreul, College of the Ozarks
Briley Sullivan, Waldorf College
Kelsey Webb, Central Baptist College

MCAC Scholar-Athletes*
Beth Walker, Bellevue University
Addison Smith, Bellevue University
Sierra Bell, Bellevue University
Gloria Bell, Central Baptist College
Tiffani Curtwright, Central Baptist College
Payton Cope, Central Baptist College
Taylor Graham, Central Baptist College
Hannah Crandall, Central Christian College
Mayuko Shono, Central Christian College
Kathryn Lott, Central Christian College
Brittany Bergstrom, Central Christian College
Aysha Janssen, College of Saint Mary
Megan Reabe, College of Saint Mary
Paige Indra, College of Saint Mary
Jessica Kuehner, College of Saint Mary
Lindsey Fiegenschuh, College of Saint Mary
Mallory Babic, College of Saint Mary
Sarah Kreul, College of the Ozarks
Chloé Shepherd, College of the Ozarks
Brandi Stahl, College of the Ozarks
Jamie Reaves, College of the Ozarks
Hannah Brown, College of the Ozarks
Lisa Atcitty, Haskell Indian Nations University
Candice Hubbell, Haskell Indian Nations University
Raquel Aguino, Haskell Indian Nations University
Nicole Pratt, Haskell Indian Nations University
Emily Kirchner, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Daniela Pena, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Christa Doty, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Krista Reimer, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Nicole Merchen, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Amanda Sanders, Oklahoma Wesleyan University
Megan Perkins, Waldorf College
Kendra Stokke, Waldorf College
Kathryn Wilcox, Waldorf College
Courtney Palmer, Waldorf College
Abigail Buehler, Waldorf College
Melanie Baxa, York College
Rileigh Lienemann, York College
Nicole Gates, York College
Delaney Woods, York College
Halie Ewing, York College
Kailey Firm, York College
Dacy Bonner, York College
Alyssa Didier, York College

*To earn MCAC Scholar-Athlete honors, the student-athlete must be at least a sophomore, own a 3.25 cumulative grade point average or higher, and have completed at least two semesters at their present institution.