Softball - Thu, Apr. 30, 2015

BELLEVUE, NEB. -- The Midlands Collegiate Athletic Conference announced the 2015 All-MCAC Softball Teams and Scholar-Athletes Thursday in conjunction with the MCAC Softball Tournament in Bellevue, Neb. (April 30—May 1).

All-MCAC First Team
P-Taylor Mohler, Bellevue
P-Jenna Daniel, Oklahoma Wesleyan
P-Leah Kipfer, Saint Mary
C-Jordon Jones, Central Baptist
C-Sayde Woten, Bellevue
INF-Ashley Gigax, Bellevue
INF-Shelby Kindelin, Bellevue
INF-Lauren Sweeten, Central Baptist
INF-Miranda Manchester, Central Baptist
INF-Alex Tooley, Bellevue
INF-Mariah Shepherd, Oklahoma Wesleyan
OF-Nicki Larsen, Saint Mary
OF-Sydney Robertson, Bellevue
OF-Mayan Meza Tovar, Oklahoma Wesleyan
OF-Courtney Schendt, Bellevue
OF-Hunter Clark, Central Baptist
DP-Mariah Gibson, Saint Mary
UP-Brianne Smith, Haskell

MCAC Freshman of the Year: Nicki Larsen, Saint Mary
MCAC Newcomer of the Year: Lauren Sweeten, Central Baptist
MCAC Player of the Year: Ashley Gigax, Bellevue
MCAC Pitcher of the Year: Taylor Mohler, Bellevue
MCAC Coach of the Year: Michala Cimino, Bellevue

All-MCAC Second Team
P-Kelly Fisher, Bellevue
P-Sara Squires, Central Baptist
P-Cristina Insua, Central Christian
C-Katelyn Cook, Oklahoma Wesleyan
C-Sydney Nelson, Central Christian
INF-Brittany Rayls, York
INF-Joella Bayles, Central Baptist
INF-Heather Jones, Oklahoma Wesleyan
INF-Selena Lopez, Oklahoma Wesleyan
INF-Chelsea Holland, York
INF-Jessica Gargano, Saint Mary
OF-Hannah Sharum, Oklahoma Wesleyan
OF-Corrine Pearl, York
OF-Carla Smith, Waldorf
OF-Courtney Gililland, Oklahoma Wesleyan
OF-Kaitlyn Goney, Bellevue
DP-Haley Baugh, Central Baptist
UP-Kristen Hall, Central Christian

Honorable Mention All-MCAC
Danyielle Barger, Waldorf
Hattie Hupke, Waldorf
Ashley Wohlers, Saint Mary
Renee Rayls, York
Ashly Westgarth, Central Christian
Dana Dean, Central Christian
Lilianna Herrera, York
Mara Eeman, Saint Mary
Jamie Zimmerer, Saint Mary
Molly Reyes, York
Brooklynn Lemons, Central Christian
Kaitlin Murphy, Waldorf
Hannah Mays, Saint Mary
Kasi Kraus, Central Christian

MCAC Scholar-Athletes*
Taylor Mohler, Bellevue
Kendall Hendrix, Bellevue
Kelli Fisher, Bellevue
Courtney Schendt, Bellevue
Katie Goney, Bellevue
Sydney Robertson, Bellevue
Haley Baugh, Central Baptist
Jordon Jones, Central Baptist
Alyssa Fontillas, Central Baptist
Joella Bayles, Central Baptist
Tara Kemp, Central Christian
Sydney Nelson, Central Christian
Brooklynn Lemons, Central Christian
Mandy Jacques, Central Christian
Nicole Martin, Central Christian
Constance Baker, Central Christian
Ashly Westgarth, Central Christian
Lauren Stanley, Haskell
Lacie Unah, Haskell
Caitlin Day, Oklahoma Wesleyan
Courtney Gililland, Oklahoma Wesleyan
Candace Perkins, Oklahoma Wesleyan
Jenna Daniel, Oklahoma Wesleyan
Makayla Kelly, Oklahoma Wesleyan
Alyssa Beal, Saint Mary
Emily Dickerson, Saint Mary
Jessie Gargano, Saint Mary
Shelby Nosal, Saint Mary
Madison Townsend, Saint Mary
Ashley Wohlers, Saint Mary
Jamie Zimmerer, Saint Mary
Ashley Brandt, Waldorf
Marisa Donnelly, Waldorf
Maggie Eden, Waldorf
Maggie Hawley, Waldorf
Courtney Palmer, Waldorf
Brittany Rayls, York
Morgan Moore, York
Molly Reyes, York
Dani Marks, York
Mackenzie Bush, York
Corrine Pearl, York
Courtney Lovelace, York

*To earn MCAC Scholar-Athlete honors, the student-athlete must be at least a sophomore, own a 3.25 cumulative grade point average or higher, and have completed at least two semesters at their present institution.