Episode Guide

Ep 10: Always Forward, Never Back

AIRED: Apr 11 10/9c

Ep 9: Ladies and Gentlemen, The Doctor Is In

AIRED: Apr 4 10/9c

Ep 8: In The Game

AIRED: Mar 28 10/9c

Ep 7: Frog-Bikini-Eiffel Tower

AIRED: Mar 21 10/9c

Ep 6: The Maddie Code

AIRED: Mar 14 10/9c

Ep 5: Is a Shark Good or Bad?

AIRED: Feb 28 11/10c

Ep 4: Cohen, Lenny Cohen.

AIRED: Feb 28 10/9c

Ep 3: We Wanted Every Lie

AIRED: Feb 21 10/9c

Ep 2: My Balls, Dickhead

AIRED: Feb 14 10/9c

Ep 1: My So-Called Wife

AIRED: Feb 7 10/9c