Episode Guide

Episode 7: Pele and Brendan -- Growing Up for Love

AIRED: Aug 21 7/6c

Episode 6: Brendan and Marc -- Love is No Joke

AIRED: Aug 14 10/9c

Episode 5: Doug and Justin -- Love at First Sight is a Myth

AIRED: Aug 7 10/9c

Episode 4: Quinn and David -- Dating is a Game, Love is Not

AIRED: Jul 31 10/9c

Episode 3: Jonathan and Jamie -- Having Faith in Love

AIRED: Mar 12 11/10c

Episode 2: Dana and Jesse -- Getting Over an Ex and Insecurities in Dating

AIRED: Mar 12 10/9c

Episode 1: David vs. Fish -- How to Date Like a Man

AIRED: Mar 5 12/11c

Episode 8: Nothing is Perfect in Love

AIRED: Aug 28 7/6c