Hannah Pearson

Hannah Pearson grew up on Lake Spivey, right outside of Atlanta, where she had an idyllic upbringing with her tight-knit family. After graduating from Woodward Academy in Atlanta, she attended the University of Georgia where she earned degrees in marketing and Spanish while spending her summers working in New York City for various fashion and cosmetic companies. During her junior year of college, she spent a semester abroad in Barcelona, but upon her return home was shocked and heartbroken to find that her parents were starting to divorce. After college, she moved back to Atlanta and began managing a boutique and cosmetic line with her friend, but things had changed with her family and her relationship had become very strained with her father. She was more motivated than ever to gain financial independence and figure things out on her own. She traded the lipstick for a hard hat and got a sales position with a trucking company in Savannah, leaving everything behind. Shortly after relocating, she met her boyfriend, Louis, through mutual friends, and after several months of hanging out as friends, they began dating. Five years later, Hannah is still in Savannah dating Louis and working for the same company. She struggles at times to find her place in this old society and wonders what her life would be like here forever, but she is excited about what the future will bring.

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