Jennifer Carroll

If there’s one female chef who can intimidate the guys, it’s badass Jen Carroll. Jen competed on Top Chef Season 6, where she gained notoriety for being a tough cookie in the kitchen and landed herself in the finale. She also appeared in Top Chef All-Stars , where she started as a frontrunner, but was surprisingly eliminated in the second episode. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Jen attended The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College. She quickly became a staple of the local food community working in Philadelphia's top restaurants. Jen then moved out west, to San Francisco, to work as sous chef at Cafe Kati and Julia. Her aspirations to work in one of the best and most disciplined kitchens in the world led to her become a sous chef at Eric Ripert’s prestigious three Michelin and New York Times four star restaurant, Le Bernardin, in Manhattan. In 2008, Jen was hand-selected by Chef Ripert to open and become the chef de cuisine of his new restaurant, 10 Arts, inside The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia.  As the bright and shining star of Chef Ripert’s restaurant empire, she recently left to head out on her own.  With an equal dose of ambition and tenacity, she is currently working to open Concrete Blonde, her dream restaurant.

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