2008 Softball Schedule
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   Friends University vs. Park University1-0 Details
 Region IV Softball (Wichita, KS) - Championship Game
 162:00 PMYork @ Bethany College6-2 Details
  Game 2York @ Bethany College11-8 Details
 229:00 AMWilliam Penn University vs. College of Saint MaryRAIN Details
 262:00 PMMidland University @ College of Saint MaryRAIN Details
 273:00 PMCentral Christian @ Bethany College13-12  (7)Details
 282:00 PMHastings College @ College of Saint MaryRAIN Details
  2:00 PMHaskell @ MidAmerica Nazarene University6-14 Details
 Game is @ Lone Elm Complex in Olathe
  Game 2Haskell @ MidAmerica Nazarene University6-14 Details
 Game is @ Lone Elm Complex Olathe
  Game 2Hastings College @ College of Saint MaryRAIN Details
 299:00 AMPark University vs. Sterling College4-12 Details
 MNU Tournament
  9:30 AMBellevue vs. Rockhurst University4-2 Details
 @ Evangel University (Springfield, MO)
  11:00 AMPark University vs. Oklahoma Baptist University13-9 Details
 MNU Tournament
  1:00 PMBellevue @ Evangel University3-0 Details
  1:00 PMCentral Christian @ Mid America Christian0-8 Details
 We played Central Baptist College
  2:00 PMCentral Christian @ Mid America Christian0-8 Details
  3:00 PMPark University vs. Grand View University0-6 Details
 MNU Tournament
 19:00 AMBellevue vs. Avila University2-3  (8)Details
 Evangel University Show Me Tournament
  9:00 AMYork @ Benedictine College13-18 Details
 Evangel University- Show Me Tournament
  10:00 AMPark University vs. MidAmerica Nazarene University14-10 Details
 MNU Tournament
  10:45 AMBellevue vs. Central Methodist College0-8  (5)Details
 Evangel University Show Me Tournament
  11:00 AMCentral Christian @ Mid America Christian0-12 Details
 we played Central Baptist
  12:00 PMPark University vs. Oklahoma Baptist University9-15 Details
 MNU Tournament
  12:00 PMUniversity of Sioux Falls @ College of Saint MaryRAIN Details
  12:45 PMEvangel University vs. York4-0 Details
 Evangel University- Show Me Tournament
  1:00 PMCentral Christian @ Mid America Christian3-9 Details
  2:00 PMHaskell @ Tabor College5-2 Details
  Game 2University of Sioux Falls @ College of Saint MaryRAIN Details
  Game 2Haskell @ Tabor College9-3 Details
  2:30 PMBellevue vs. Culver-Stockton College10-2  (5)Details
 Evangel University Show Me Tournament
  7:45 PMYork vs. Missouri Valley College4-5 Details
 Evangel University- Show Me Tournament
 2 Peru State College vs. Aquinas College7-11 Details
 Spring Break Trip to Tucson, AZ Mar. 2-7
  8:37 AMYork @ Central Methodist College2-10 Details
  11:00 AMYork vs. Avila University0-1 Details
  2:00 PMPeru State College vs. Viterbo University7-2 Details
 32:00 PMPeru State College vs. Viterbo University9-8 Details
  4:00 PMPeru State College vs. Trinity International University9-1 Details
 48:30 AMPeru State College vs. Madonna University1-0 Details
  1:00 PMPeru State College @ University of Great Falls7-8 Details
 8 innings
  Game 2Benedictine College @ Park UniversityRAIN Details
  2:00 PMSterling College @ Central Christian12-5 Details
  Game 2Sterling College @ Central Christian7-2 Details
  5:00 PMHastings College @ York17-6 Details
  6:30 PMWilliam Penn University @ Peru State College13-12 Details
 8 innings
  Game 2Hastings College @ York6-4 Details
 59:00 AMPeru State College @ Mayville State University7-3 Details
  11:00 AMAquinas College vs. Peru State College6-4 Details
  2:00 PMTabor College @ Central Christian9-0 Details
  Game 2Tabor College @ Central Christian1-6 Details
 63:00 PMWilliam Penn University vs. Peru State College7-8 Details
 8 innings
  4:00 PMPeru State College vs. Dickinson State University4-12  (5)Details
 7 Central Christian vs. TBARAIN Details
 McPherson College tournament- March 7-8
  8:00 AMPeru State College vs. University of Great Falls7-6 Details
 Tucson, AZ Tourney
  10:30 AMPeru State College vs. Minot State University8-10 Details
 Tucson Invitational
  12:30 PMPeru State College vs. University of Dubuque14-15 Details
 8 innings
  3:00 PMDakota State University vs. College of Saint MaryRAIN Details
 812:00 PMSterling College @ Central Christian14-1 Details
 Mac Tournement
  12:30 PMHaskell vs. Mid America Christian1-4 Details
 McPherson Tournament
  2:00 PMHaskell vs. Tabor College8-1 Details
 McPherson Tournament
  3:00 PMWilliam Jewell College @ Central Christian7-3 Details
 Mac Tournement
  4:00 PMDana College vs. College of Saint MaryRAIN Details
 912:30 PMHaskell vs. Southwestern College4-0 Details
 McPherson Tournament
  1:00 PMMount Mercy University @ Park University8-4 Details
 Moved to Lone Elm Park (Olathe, Kan.)
  Game 2Mount Mercy University @ Park University4-1 Details
  5:00 PMHaskell vs. William Jewell College4-3 Details
 McPherson Tournament
 11 Park University vs. Shorter University1-6 Details
 University of West Florida Tournament
  12:45 PMBellevue vs. Wheaton College8-2 Details
 Sun West Softball Tournament (Orange, CA)
  2:00 PMCentral Christian @ Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College5-1 Details
  Game 2Central Christian @ Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College5-1 Details
  3:00 PMConcordia University @ College of Saint MaryRAIN Details
  3:00 PMBellevue vs. Lake Erie11-3  (6)Details
 Sun West Softball Tournament (Orange, CA)
  3:00 PMConcordia University @ College of Saint MaryRAIN Details
  3:00 PMStephens College @ Haskell0-4 Details
  Game 2Stephens College @ Haskell0-11 Details
  Game 2Concordia University @ College of Saint MaryRAIN Details
  5:30 PMBellevue vs. University of Pittsburgh-Bradford7-0 Details
 Sun West Softball Tournament (Orange, CA)
  Game 2Park University vs. Shorter University1-14 Details
 129:00 AMPark University vs. Central Methodist College2-4 Details
 University of West Florida Tournament
  Game 2Park University vs. Central Methodist College10-6 Details
  12:45 PMBellevue vs. Haverford College1-5 Details
 Sun West Softball Tournament (Orange, CA)
  2:00 PMPeru State College @ Doane College3-5 Details
  3:00 PMBellevue vs. SUNY Institute of Technology10-0  (5)Details
 Sun West Softball Tournament (Orange, CA) - Jen Miller pitches perfect game
  Game 2Peru State College @ Doane College3-4  (8)Details
  5:00 PMYork @ Concordia University0-7 Details
  7:00 PMYork @ Concordia University4-11 Details
  Game 2College of Saint Mary @ Dana CollegeRAIN Details
 132:00 PMOttawa University @ Haskell11-3 Details
  Game 2Ottawa University @ Haskell15-1 Details
  5:00 PMPark University vs. Central Methodist College0-8 Details
 UWF Tournament
  7:00 PMPark University @ West Florida1-10 Details
 University of West Florida Tournament
 149:00 AMCentral Christian vs. Friends University0-16 Details
 Sterling Trounament- March 14-15
  10:00 AMPeru State College @ Bethany College3-15 Details
 Sterling College Tournament Mar. 14-15
  11:00 AMPeru State College @ Friends University2-1  (5)Details
 Sterling College Tournament Mar. 13-14
  12:00 PMCentral Christian vs. Sterling College1-4 Details
 Sterling tournament
  1:00 PMPeru State College vs. Tabor College19-0 Details
 Sterling Tournament
  3:00 PMBellevue vs. Wheaton College2-3 Details
 Sun West Softball Tournament (Orange, CA)
  5:30 PMBellevue vs. Ithaca College2-3 Details
 Sun West Softball Tournament (Orange, CA)
  7:45 PMBellevue vs. St. Catherine University18-6 Details
 Sun West Softball Tournament (Orange, CA)
 151:00 PMNorthwestern College @ College of Saint Mary6-2 Details
 First game for Saint Mary after 16 postponements or rain outs.
  Game 2Northwestern College @ College of Saint Mary16-0  (5)Details
 17Game 2Missouri Valley College @ Park UniversityRAIN Details
 181:00 PMYork @ Sterling College14-12 Details
  2:00 PMBriar Cliff University @ College of Saint Mary7-1 Details
  3:00 PMBellevue @ William Penn UniversityRAIN Details
  Game 2York @ Sterling College2-12 Details
  Game 2Briar Cliff University @ College of Saint Mary11-2  (5)Details
  Game 2Bellevue @ William Penn UniversityRAIN Details
 193:00 PMOttawa University @ Central Christian9-0 Details
  Game 2Ottawa University @ Central Christian12-0 Details
 202:00 PMYork @ Northwestern Oklahoma State University1-10 Details
  Game 2York @ Northwestern Oklahoma State University5-15 Details
  4:00 PMPark University @ Baker University4-2 Details
 Doubleheader moved to Olathe, Kan.
  Game 2Park University @ Baker University5-3 Details
 Doubleheader moved to Olathe, Kan.
 2112:00 PMDana College vs. York6-2 Details
 Oklahoma Christian Invite
  4:00 PMYork @ Oklahoma Christian University3-4 Details
 221:00 PMPark University @ Ottawa University8-3 Details
  2:00 PMYork @ Oklahoma Christian University0-3 Details
  2:00 PMDana College vs. York9-1 Details
 Oklahoma Christian Invite
  3:00 PMPark University @ Ottawa University0-14  (5)Details
 253:00 PMBacone College @ Haskell5-3 Details
  3:00 PMPark University @ Rockhurst University3-5 Details
  Game 2Park University @ Rockhurst University5-11 Details
  3:00 PMMidland University @ College of Saint Mary5-2 Details
  Game 2Midland University @ College of Saint Mary10-0 Details
  5:00 PMConcordia University @ Bellevue9-4 Details
  Game 2Bacone College @ Haskell14-8 Details
  Game 2Concordia University @ Bellevue0-3 Details
 274:00 PMHaskell @ Southwestern College4-0 Details
  6:00 PMHaskell @ Southwestern College5-1 Details
 2810:00 AMCollege of Saint Mary vs. Northwestern CollegeRAIN Details
  10:00 AMConcordia University @ BellevueRAIN Details
  12:00 PMDordt College vs. College of Saint MaryRAIN Details
 Morningside Tournament
  12:00 PMBellevue vs. Northwestern CollegeRAIN Details
  1:00 PMDakota State University @ College of Saint Mary2-4 Details
  Game 2Dakota State University @ College of Saint Mary6-2 Details
  4:00 PMConcordia University @ College of Saint MaryRAIN Details
  4:00 PMDordt College vs. BellevueRAIN Details
 Mustang Classic (Sioux City, IA)
 29Game 2Benedictine College @ Park University11-3 Details
  9:00 AMOttawa University vs. Haskell14-4 Details
 Avila Tournament
  10:00 AMPeru State College vs. McKendree University3-9 Details
 Avila Tournament
  11:00 AMDakota State University @ College of Saint Mary3-4 Details
  Game 2Dakota State University @ College of Saint Mary11-2 Details
  12:00 PMMidland University vs. BellevueRAIN Details
 Morningside College Tournament
  1:00 PMPeru State College vs. MidAmerica Nazarene University9-4 Details
 Avila Tournament
  1:00 PMHannibal-LaGrange University vs. Haskell7-5 Details
 Avila Tournament
  1:00 PMBenedictine College @ Park University3-2 Details
  3:00 PMGraceland University vs. Haskell5-1 Details
 Avila Tournament
  4:00 PMPeru State College vs. Avila University0-7 Details
 Avila Tournament
  6:00 PMMidland University vs. College of Saint MaryRAIN Details
 Morningside College Tournament
  6:00 PMBellevue vs. University of Minnesota-MorrisRAIN Details
 Mustang Classic (Sioux City, IA)
 309:00 AMHaskell vs. Rodgers State2-14 Details
 Avila Tournament
  10:00 AMPeru State College vs. Harris-Stowe State College2-1 Details
 Avila Tournament
  1:00 PMPeru State College vs. University of St. Mary5-0 Details
 Avila Tournament
  1:00 PMCentral Methodist College @ Park University8-6 Details
  Game 2Central Methodist College @ Park University7-2 Details
 12:00 PMHaskell @ University of St. Mary7-3 Details
  Game 2Haskell @ University of St. Mary6-11 Details
 21:00 PMWilliam Jewell College @ Park University3-7 Details
  Game 2William Jewell College @ Park University0-3 Details
 4:00 PMPeru State College @ York11-2 Details
 4:00 PMCollege of Saint Mary @ Bellevue2-5 Details
 Game 2College of Saint Mary @ Bellevue1-9  (5)Details
 Game 2Peru State College @ York11-2 Details
 34:00 PMMidland University @ BellevueRAIN Details
  Game 2Midland University @ BellevueRAIN Details
42:00 PMCentral Christian @ College of Saint Mary0-1 Details
 Katie Long's double wins game in sixth.
 Game 2Central Christian @ College of Saint Mary5-11 Details
 Kelly Wieczorek wins both ends of double header.
 3:00 PMHaskell @ Peru State College0-13  (5)Details
 5:00 PMHaskell @ Peru State College4-11 Details
 511:00 AMUniversity of Sioux Falls @ College of Saint Mary6-1 Details
  Game 2College of Saint Mary vs. University of Sioux Falls9-6 Details
 11:00 AMCentral Christian @ Bellevue0-8  (5)Details
 Game 2Central Christian @ Bellevue0-8  (5)Details
 12:00 PMHaskell @ York6-4  (9)Details
 1:00 PMPark University @ Peru State College16-12 Details
 Game 2Park University @ Peru State College8-6 Details
 Game 2Haskell @ York5-13  (5)Details
 61:00 PMBellevue @ Morningside College0-2 Details
 1:00 PMPark University @ York4-3 Details
 Game 2Park University @ York12-4  (6)Details
  Game 2Bellevue @ Morningside College5-4 Details
73:00 PMCentral Christian @ Haskell2-6 Details
 Game 2Central Christian @ Haskell1-9 Details
83:00 PMYork @ College of Saint Mary4-1 Details
 Game 2York @ College of Saint Mary12-8  (9)Details
93:00 PMBellevue @ Peru State College6-3 Details
 Game 2Bellevue @ Peru State College5-6  (8)Details
 104:00 PMBethany College @ Central ChristianRAIN Details
  Game 2Bethany College @ Central ChristianRAIN Details
133:00 PMBellevue @ Haskell8-0 Details
 Game 2Bellevue @ Haskell6-2 Details
141:00 PMBellevue @ Park University7-3 Details
 Game 2Bellevue @ Park University4-7 Details
153:00 PMCollege of Saint Mary @ Peru State College1-6 Details
 3:00 PMHaskell @ Park University1-8 Details
 Game 2Haskell @ Park University7-5  (10)Details
 4:00 PMBellevue @ York1-2 Details
 Game 2College of Saint Mary @ Peru State College3-4 Details
 Game 2Bellevue @ York11-3 Details
 162:00 PMHastings College @ College of Saint Mary11-2 Details
  Game 2Hastings College @ College of Saint Mary8-0 Details
 174:00 PMCentral Christian @ Sterling CollegeRAIN Details
  Game 2Central Christian @ Sterling CollegeRAIN Details
 1812:00 PMPeru State College @ William Jewell College6-3 Details
 Oklahoma City Tournament Apr. 18-19
  12:00 PMBellevue vs. Oklahoma Christian University5-9 Details
 Capital City Classic
  2:00 PMBellevue vs. Northwestern Oklahoma State University4-3  (8)Details
 Capital City Classic
  3:00 PMFriends University @ Central ChristianRAIN Details
  Game 2Friends University @ Central ChristianRAIN Details
  4:00 PMPeru State College vs. Columbia College1-4 Details
 Oklahoma City Tournament
 1910:00 AMPeru State College vs. Oklahoma Christian University0-7 Details
 Oklahoma City Tournament
  12:00 PMUniversity of Houston - Victoria vs. Bellevue11-0  (5)Details
 Capital City Classic
 1:00 PMPark University @ Central Christian8-0 Details
 Game 2Park University @ Central Christian10-0 Details
  3:00 PMPeru State College vs. Oklahoma City University1-10 Details
 Oklahoma City Tournament
  4:00 PMEast Central University vs. Bellevue1-2 Details
 Capital City Classic
  8:00 PMBellevue vs. Oklahoma Christian University7-3 Details
 Capital City Classic
 214:30 PMYork @ Midland University3-7 Details
  Game 2York @ Midland University10-9 Details
 223:00 PMPeru State College @ Benedictine College2-1 Details
  3:00 PMCollege of Saint Mary @ Dana College2-1  (9)Details
  Game 2College of Saint Mary @ Dana College0-9  (5)Details
  5:00 PMBriar Cliff University @ Bellevue0-2 Details
  Game 2Briar Cliff University @ Bellevue2-5 Details
 Jennifer Miller (Bellevue) recorded career strikeout #500
  Game 2Peru State College @ Benedictine College5-6 Details
 241:00 PMMissouri Valley College @ Park University5-6  (8)Details
  Game 2Missouri Valley College @ Park University0-11  (5)Details
  3:00 PMDoane College @ College of Saint Mary3-0 Details
  Game 2Doane College @ College of Saint Mary5-1 Details
 254:00 PMPeru State College @ Kansas Wesleyan University0-5 Details
 5:00 PMYork @ Central Christian8-2 Details
 Game 2York @ Central Christian8-1 Details
  Game 2Peru State College @ Kansas Wesleyan University8-2 Details
261:00 PMPeru State College @ Central Christian10-1 Details
 Game 2Peru State College @ Central Christian10-1 Details
 3:00 PMCollege of Saint Mary @ Park University1-6 Details
 Game 2College of Saint Mary @ Park University2-4 Details
271:00 PMCollege of Saint Mary @ Haskell2-1 Details
 3:00 PMCollege of Saint Mary @ Haskell6-1 Details
 110:00 AMYork @ Park University6-5 Details
 2008 MCAC Tournament (Parkville, Mo.) -- Game 1
  12:00 PMPeru State College vs. Bellevue0-10  (5)Details
 2008 MCAC Tournament (Parkville, Mo.) -- Game 2
  2:00 PMPeru State College @ Park University4-2  (8)Details
 2008 MCAC Tournament (Parkville, Mo.) -- Game 3
  4:00 PMBellevue vs. York4-0 Details
 2008 MCAC Tournament (Parkville, Mo.) -- Game 4
 210:00 AMPeru State College vs. York3-5 Details
 2008 MCAC Tournament (Parkville, Mo.) -- Game 5
  12:00 PMBellevue vs. York11-6 Details
 2008 MCAC Tournament (Parkville, Mo.) -- Game 6
 910:45 AMKansas Wesleyan University vs. Park University1-9 Details
 2008 Region IV Tournament (Wichita, Kan.)
  11:00 AMBellevue vs. Park University4-7 Details
 2008 NAIA Region IV Tournament (Wichita, Kan.)
  2:30 PMOttawa University vs. Bellevue5-13  (6)Details
 2008 Region IV Tournament (Wichita, Kan.)
  4:00 PMPark University vs. Friends University0-2 Details
 2008 Region IV Tournament (Wichita, Kan.)
  4:45 PMBethany College vs. Bellevue6-7  (8)Details
 2008 Region IV Tournament (Wichita, Kan.)
  7:00 PMBellevue vs. Park University3-8 Details
 2008 NAIA Region IV Tournament (Wichita, Kan.)
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