2011-12 Women's Basketball
2011-12 Women's Basketball Schedule  
* Conference Event
% Exhibition/Scrimmage Event
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 277:00PMUnion College @ Central Christian52-63 
 282:00PMGrace University @ College of Saint Mary51-111 
  3:00PMCollege of the Southwest vs. Haskell86-81 
 Tip-off time is 2:00 PM Mountain Time Zone
 294:00PMJohnson & Wales University @ College of Saint Mary82-104 
 College of Saint Mary Tournament
  5:00PMOklahoma Wesleyan @ McPherson College68-56 
  5:00PMHaskell @ Northern New Mexico College74-79 
 Tip-off time is 4:00 PM Mountain Time Zone
  7:00PMCentral Christian @ Friends University26-80 
  7:30PMHastings College @ York72-42 
 315:30PMFriends University @ Oklahoma Wesleyan69-50 
  7:00PMConcordia University @ York68-50 
 15:30PMManhattan Christian College @ Central Christian50-47 
  5:30PMMcPherson College @ Haskell66-72 
  6:00PMEcclesia College @ Central Baptist75-89 
  7:30PMCollege of the Ozarks @ Missouri Valley College75-61 
 37:00PMCentral Christian @ Bethany College56-72 
 44:00PMFriends University @ Southwestern Christian57-63 
 SCU Classic
  6:00PMHaskell @ Our Lady of the Lake University71-97 
 Bacone College Classic
  7:00PMLindenwood University-Belleville @ College of the Ozarks49-90 
 512:00PMCentral Christian @ Crowley's Ridge College54-68 
  1:00PMCollege of Saint Mary @ AIB College of Business65-48 
  4:00PMPark University @ Southwestern Christian58-40 
 SCU Classic
  4:00PMHaskell @ Bacone College81-88 
 Bacone College Classic
  7:00PMOklahoma Wesleyan @ Saint Gregory's University45-61 
 63:00PMBethany College @ York44-70 
 85:30PMCentral Baptist @ Crowley's Ridge College91-41 
  5:30PMSouthwestern College @ Southwestern Christian76-56 
  5:30PMBethel College @ Central Christian85-46 
  5:30PMUniversity of St. Mary @ Haskell77-80  (OT)
  6:00PMYork @ Dordt College41-65 
  7:00PMConcordia University @ College of Saint Mary82-52 
  7:00PMBethany College @ Oklahoma Wesleyan48-65 
 105:00PMCentral Christian @ Union College63-42 
 11 York @ Dakota State University60-53 
  4:00PMOklahoma Wesleyan @ Evangel University50-63 
  6:00PMSouthwestern Christian @ Southern Nazarene University49-100 
  6:00PMCollege of Saint Mary vs. Tabor College66-57 
 USM Classic 2011
  7:30PMBlack Hills State University @ College of the Ozarks54-66 
 Coca-Cola Classic Tournament
 123:00PMCollege of Saint Mary @ University of St. Mary65-56 
 USM Classic 2011
 4:00PMCentral Baptist @ Arkansas Tech University59-115 
  5:00PMSouth Dakota School of Mines & Tech. @ College of the Ozarks68-78 
 Coca-Cola Classic Tournament
  5:30PMSaint Gregory's University @ Southwestern Christian53-42 
 147:00PMYork @ Southwestern College52-73 
 155:30PMHaskell @ Ottawa University53-68 
  5:30PMHillsdale Free Will Baptist College @ Oklahoma Wesleyan41-68 
  6:00PMCentral Christian @ McPherson College34-83 
  7:00PMMidland University @ College of Saint Mary70-87 
 175:30PMCentral Christian @ Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College50-70 
  6:00PMMount Marty College @ College of Saint Mary67-73 
  7:00PMCentral Baptist @ Carroll College47-65 
 University of Montana Northern Tournament
  7:00PMNorthern New Mexico College @ Haskell62-84 
  7:00PMOklahoma Wesleyan @ Friends University64-76  (OT)
 182:00PMSouthwestern Christian vs. Tabor College63-64 
 Sterling College Tournament - Sterling, Kansas
  2:00PMBethel College vs. Haskell73-59 
 McPherson College Classic
 5:30PMCentral Christian @ Fort Hays State University24-105 
  6:00PMCollege of the Ozarks vs. Southwestern Assemblies of God Univ60-42 
 John Brown University Classic
  7:00PMCentral Baptist @ University of Great Falls58-85 
 University of Montana Northern Tournament
  7:00PMYork @ Sterling College37-69 
 191:00PMCollege of the Ozarks vs. Ecclesia College74-45 
 John Brown University Classic
  3:00PMTabor College vs. York62-64 
  4:00PMHaskell @ McPherson College61-74 
 McPherson College Classic
  4:00PMCentral Baptist @ Montana State University-Northern40-68 
 University of Montana Northern Tournament
  5:30PMLyon College @ Oklahoma Wesleyan50-46 
  6:00PMSouthwestern Christian @ Sterling College71-79 
 Sterling College Tournament - Sterling, Kansas
 215:30PMCrowley's Ridge College @ Central Christian42-56 
 225:00PMSouthwestern Christian @ Southwestern College57-94 
  5:30PMBenedictine College @ College of Saint Mary70-77 
  5:30PMMcPherson College @ Oklahoma Wesleyan61-68 
  5:30PMDakota Wesleyan University @ York78-46 
  6:00PMHaskell @ Tabor College59-64 
  6:30PMCentral Baptist @ University of the Ozarks61-64 
 248:00PMCollege of Saint Mary vs. Menlo College79-77 
 Corbin University Tournament
 25 College of Saint Mary @ Corbin University86-97 
 Corbin University Tournamentl
 26 College of Saint Mary vs. Montreat College66-69 
 Corbin University Tournament
 285:30PMCentral Baptist @ Harding University30-80 
  5:30PMOttawa University @ Haskell47-60 
  6:00PMSouthwestern Christian @ Saint Gregory's University37-74 
  6:00PMCentral Christian @ Bethel College38-74 
  6:00PMYork @ Friends University44-67 
  7:00PMOklahoma Wesleyan @ Bethany College47-53 
 295:30PMCrowley's Ridge College @ Central Baptist62-96 
  5:30PMWilliam Woods University @ College of the Ozarks73-60 
  7:00PMWilliam Penn University @ College of Saint Mary69-99 
 15:30PMEast Central University @ Southwestern Christian59-62 
  6:00PMOklahoma Wesleyan @ Lyon College51-63 
 25:30PMHillsdale Free Will Baptist College @ Central Baptist47-85 
  5:30PMHannibal-LaGrange University vs. Haskell60-47 
 College of the Ozarks Classic
  7:30PMMissouri Baptist College @ College of the Ozarks36-77 
 First Community Bank Classic
 31:00PMHaskell vs. Missouri Baptist College58-94 
 College of the Ozarks Classic
  3:00PMHannibal-LaGrange University @ College of the Ozarks59-79 
 First Community Bank Classic
57:00PMCentral Baptist @ Central Arkansas48-79 
 65:30PMCentral Christian @ Manhattan Christian College39-37 
  6:00PMYork @ University of St. Mary55-62 
77:00PMCollege of Saint Mary @ University of Nebraska-Omaha49-88 
 85:00PMCollege of the Ozarks @ Harris-Stowe State College73-64 
 91:30PMGrace University @ Central Christian65-63  (OT)
  5:00PMCrowley's Ridge College @ Southwestern Christian58-97 
  5:30PMYork @ Dakota Wesleyan University33-79 
  7:00PMDakota State University @ College of Saint Mary51-84 
 103:00PMOzark Christian College @ Central Christian38-50 
  5:30PMRhema Bible College @ Oklahoma Wesleyan59-74 
 6:30PMSouthwestern Christian @ Oklahoma Christian University62-87 
 134:00PMOttawa University @ Oklahoma Wesleyan59-78 
 147:30PMMidland University @ York66-58 
 157:00PMAIB College of Business @ College of Saint Mary85-81  (OT)
 1612:00PMSouthwestern Christian vs. Walsh University62-67 
 Northwood University Tournament - West Palm Beach, Florida
 5:00PMCentral Christian @ Panhandle State University69-123 
 5:30PMHaskell @ South Dakota School of Mines & Tech.51-61 
 1712:00PMSouthwestern Christian vs. Notre Dame College62-89 
 Northwood University Tournament - West Palm Beach, Florida
 2:00PMHaskell vs. Oglala Lakota College96-33 
 185:00PMSouthwestern Christian @ Webber International71-68  (OT)
 295:30PMCollege of the Ozarks @ Biola University60-69 
 Biola University Classic
 303:00PMCollege of the Ozarks vs. Azusa Pacific University59-76 
 Biola University Classic
 25:00PMHaskell @ University of St. Mary50-54 
  5:30PMYork @ McPherson College47-67 
  6:00PMSouthwestern College @ Oklahoma Wesleyan97-74 
37:00PMSouthwestern Christian @ East Central University58-82 
 45:30PMDoane College @ York92-54 
  7:00PMCollege of the Ozarks @ Lindenwood University-Belleville83-58 
 65:30PMEcclesia College vs. Central Baptist52-66 
 College of the Ozarks Classic
  5:30PMGrace University @ College of Saint Mary52-96 
  7:30PMHannibal-LaGrange University @ College of the Ozarks42-82 
 Subway Classic
 71:00PMHannibal-LaGrange University vs. Central Baptist63-53 
 College of the Ozarks Classic
  3:00PMHillsdale Free Will Baptist College @ Central Christian47-54 
  3:00PMEcclesia College @ College of the Ozarks46-75 
 Subway Classic
 95:00PMManhattan Christian College @ Southwestern Christian29-85 
105:30PMYork @ College of Saint Mary43-88 
 5:30PMCollege of the Ozarks @ Central Baptist71-68 
135:30PMOklahoma Wesleyan @ Central Christian87-47 
 5:30PMSouthwestern Christian @ Haskell2-0 
 Haskell Forfeit
 5:30PMCollege of the Ozarks @ College of Saint Mary75-70 
 5:30PMCentral Baptist @ York63-56 
143:00PMSouthwestern Christian @ Central Christian78-43 
 3:00PMOklahoma Wesleyan @ Haskell55-48 
 3:00PMCollege of the Ozarks @ York85-49 
 3:00PMCentral Baptist @ College of Saint Mary54-78 
 175:30PMCentral Baptist @ Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College73-57 
 5:30PMSouthwestern Christian @ Oklahoma Wesleyan62-54 
 5:30PMCentral Christian @ Haskell25-69 
205:30PMCollege of Saint Mary @ Southwestern Christian71-56 
 5:30PMHaskell @ College of the Ozarks71-74 
 5:30PMYork @ Oklahoma Wesleyan53-67 
 5:30PMCentral Christian @ Central Baptist41-57 
213:00PMYork @ Southwestern Christian47-73 
 3:00PMCentral Christian @ College of the Ozarks28-94 
 3:00PMCollege of Saint Mary @ Oklahoma Wesleyan61-71 
 5:30PMHaskell @ Central Baptist45-53 
 245:00PMCentral Baptist @ Philander Smith College61-66  (OT)
275:30PMCentral Baptist @ Southwestern Christian46-58 
 5:30PMCentral Christian @ College of Saint Mary34-90 
 5:30PMHaskell @ York59-50 
 5:30PMCollege of the Ozarks @ Oklahoma Wesleyan85-68 
283:00PMCollege of the Ozarks @ Southwestern Christian80-73  (OT)
 3:00PMCentral Christian @ York52-60 
 3:00PMHaskell @ College of Saint Mary63-69 
 3:00PMCentral Baptist @ Oklahoma Wesleyan52-56 
 315:30PMCentral Baptist @ Ozark Christian College83-47 
  7:00PMCollege of the Ozarks @ Baker University68-54 
35:30PMCollege of Saint Mary @ Central Christian65-53 
 5:30PMYork @ Haskell51-76 
 5:30PMOklahoma Wesleyan @ College of the Ozarks39-52 
 5:30PMSouthwestern Christian @ Central Baptist48-52 
43:00PMSouthwestern Christian @ College of the Ozarks64-80 
 3:00PMYork @ Central Christian73-49 
 3:00PMCollege of Saint Mary @ Haskell66-83 
 3:00PMOklahoma Wesleyan @ Central Baptist54-53 
 75:30PMPhilander Smith College @ Central Baptist62-60 
 5:30PMOklahoma Wesleyan @ Southwestern Christian51-67 
 5:30PMHaskell @ Central Christian67-47 
105:30PMSouthwestern Christian @ College of Saint Mary65-78 
 5:30PMCentral Baptist @ Central Christian74-60 
 5:30PMCollege of the Ozarks @ Haskell73-58 
 5:30PMOklahoma Wesleyan @ York50-49 
113:00PMSouthwestern Christian @ York69-58 
 3:00PMCollege of the Ozarks @ Central Christian84-36 
 3:00PMCentral Baptist @ Haskell66-55 
 Senior Game
 3:00PMOklahoma Wesleyan @ College of Saint Mary54-68 
145:30PMCentral Baptist @ College of the Ozarks56-73 
 5:30PMCollege of Saint Mary @ York64-56 
175:30PMCentral Christian @ Oklahoma Wesleyan39-83 
 5:30PMHaskell @ Southwestern Christian55-52 
 5:30PMCollege of Saint Mary @ College of the Ozarks63-75 
 5:30PMYork @ Central Baptist54-70 
183:00PMCentral Christian @ Southwestern Christian36-83 
 3:00PMHaskell @ Oklahoma Wesleyan63-77 
 3:00PMYork @ College of the Ozarks40-78 
 3:00PMCollege of Saint Mary @ Central Baptist72-81 
 215:30PMOzark Christian College @ Central Baptist34-92 
  6:00PMCentral Christian @ Barclay College49-65 
 Samantha Graves Eclipses 1000 Point Mark for Her Career
 245:00PMCollege of Saint Mary vs. Oklahoma Wesleyan  
 MCAC Tournament Semfinal (Point Lookout, Mo.)
  7:00PMCentral Baptist @ College of the Ozarks  
 MCAC Tournament Semifinal (Point Lookout, Mo.)
 253:00PMTBA vs. TBA  
 MCAC Tournament Final (Point Lookout, Mo.)
 14 Southwestern Christian @ TBA  
 NCCAA National Tournament - Mar. 14-17 - Grace College, Winona Lake, Indiana
* Conference Event
% Exhibition/Scrimmage Event
Event times are (EST)

MCAC Scoreboard
Women's Basketball
Ozark Christian College at 34
Central Baptist 92
Central Christian at 49
Barclay College 65
Samantha Graves Eclipses 1000 Point Mark for Her Career