2010 Volleyball
2010 Volleyball Schedule  
* Conference Event
% Exhibition/Scrimmage Event
Event times are (EST)
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 312:30PMCentral Christian @ Bacone College  
 Skullcracker Invite
  6:30PMCentral Christian vs. William Jewell College  
 Skullcracker Invite
 410:30AMCentral Christian vs. Bethel College  
 Skullcracker Invite
  2:30PMCentral Christian vs. Central Baptist College  
 Skullcracker Invite
105:00PMCentral Christian @ Bellevue  
 7:00PMCentral Christian @ Bellevue  
1112:00PMCentral Christian @ Peru  
 2:00PMCentral Christian @ Peru  
147:00PMCentral Christian @ Haskell  
177:00PMYork @ Central Christian  
 181:00PMCentral Christian @ McPherson College  
 215:00PMCentral Christian @ Barclay College  
  7:00PMCentral Christian @ Barclay College  
246:00PMCentral Christian @ College of the Ozarks  
25 Central Christian @ SCU  
 3:00PMCentral Christian @ Oklahoma Wesleyan  
 5:00PMCentral Christian @ SCU  
 307:00PMCentral Christian @ Manhattan Christian College  
 2 Central Christian @ McPherson College  
   Central Christian vs. Kansas Wesleyan University  
 43:00PMCentral Christian @ Hillsdale Free Will Baptist College  
  5:00PMCentral Christian vs. Dallas Christian College  
 125:00PMBarclay College @ Central Christian  
  7:00PMBarclay College @ Central Christian  
 1610:00AMKansas Wesleyan University @ Central Christian  
207:00PMHaskell @ Central Christian  
224:00PMCollege of the Ozarks @ Central Christian  
23 SCU @ Central Christian  
 1:00PMOklahoma Wesleyan @ Central Christian  
 3:00PMSCU @ Central Christian  
 267:00PMManhattan Christian College @ Central Christian  
 303:00PMCentral Christian vs. McPherson College  
  5:00PMCentral Christian @ Kansas Wesleyan University  
57:00PMCentral Christian @ York  
61:00PMCentral Christian @ College of Saint Mary  
 3:00PMCentral Christian @ College of Saint Mary  
* Conference Event
% Exhibition/Scrimmage Event
Event times are (EST)
2010 Volleyball Rosters  

MCAC Scoreboard
Friday, Aug 20
Mayville State University at 7:00pm
Bellevue EST