Friends to Lovers

#Friends2Lovers Poll: Who Do You Think Will Find Love?

by Rachael Roberts
January 13, 2015 • 12:48 PM ET
On last night's premiere episode of Friends to Lovers, our BFF couples decided to take their relationship to the next level. But which couple will find true love? We want to hear from you in our poll. Will it be New Yorkers Kristen Ruby and Alex...
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First Look at New Show 'Friends to Lovers?'

November 24, 2014 • 10:55 AM ET
Can BFFs become lovers for life? Bravo is attempting to answer that age old question with our new docu-series Friends to Lovers?, set to premiere January 12 at 10p ET/PT. Watch a first look above. From casual to complicated, innocent to intim...
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