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Sexy Shirtless Shots of The #WorkOut New York Men

While our trainers aren't just eye candy, you can go ahead and look anyway. 

Trainer Throwback: Noah Neiman

See vintage shots of hottie Noah Neiman before he was a toned up trainer of 'Work Out New York'. 

Trainer Throwback: Courtney Paul

Peruse pics of Courtney Paul before he was the fiercest trainer in New York City. 


Trainer Throwback: Lena Marti

Check out sexy trainer Lena Marti before she was a professional fitness champ. 

Trainer Throwback: Jay Centeno

Check out Layla Luciano's boyfriend before he was one of New York's top trainers. 

Trainer Throwback: Holly Rilinger

See fitness pro Holly before she was a Nike Master Trainer. 

Trainer Throwback: Lindsey Clayton

See pics of trainer Lindsey from her Broadway days and before! 

Trainer Throwback: Layla Luciano

Check out sexy Layla before she became a booty-licious trainer. 

Work Out New York Trainer's Fiercest Modeling Shots

If you already thought our Work Out New York trainers were hot, wait till you see their modeling pictures.